Don’t be shy, give it a go

Kathryn Osborne is a member of NAS and the North Dorset Sub Aqua Club, here she tells about her first adventure on a NAS field school.

Being a relatively inexperienced diver, this has been my first experience with NAS.

Kathryn recording an interesting feature on the wreck of the SS Leysian

Everything has been extremely well organised (except the weather!!) and people have been very friendly and supportive. On the wet days I have undertaken the NAS eLearning courses, and learned to sketch and measure a site in preparation for the real thing.

Having been here since Monday, today (Friday) has been the first divable day, so with much anticipation, I entered the water with my buddy Giles, appropriately armed with slate and pencil. The instructions were simple, sketch part of the site with direction and scale clearly marked.

Something caught my eye, but I had absolutely no idea what it was, other than it was an interesting shape. I decided that this would be my masterpiece, and started to happily draw away, adding artistic shading and highlights.

The interesting feature that attracted Kathryn’s attention

I was very pleased with my efforts, so, feeling quite chuffed with my underwater attempt, I duly presented it to NAS Education Officer Peta Knott. Well, whilst she said it was a better picture than many she had seen, it was of little use without a scale and direction. Whoops! better luck tomorrow then.

I do offer the excuse that I was being menaced by a very large and feisty spider crab who was obviously put out by the interruption to his peace & quiet!!

At least the spider crabs size was captured, if not its direction!

Seriously, if you have ever thought about joining a NAS course but have been worried you are not good enough, don’t be put off. Like me, you will be looked after and taught the basic skills you need. It does make things more interesting and opened up a whole new interest for me.

So dive in, you won’t regret it.

Sign up for eLearning courses here and there are a variety of other courses to whet your appetite here.

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